Mountaineers Foundation: Natural Places, Sustainable Practices

Natural Places, Sustainable Practices


Because of your support, we have been very successful in supporting our mission. Not only did you help us purchase the critically important conservation easements from the Ueland Tree Farm thus expanding the Rhododendron Preserve by nearly 60 acres and protecting riparian zones along Chico Creek and tributaries; but we were also able to support more than 30 deserving conservation and education organizations striving to improve the natural and human environment along the Salish Sea region.

We have worked hard cleaning up the Hidden Ranch in-holding which was donated to us a few years ago. With support from benefactors like yourself, hazardous structures, old tires, toxic materials and miscellaneous debris have been removed from the flood plain at the confluence of Wildcat and Lost Creeks, enabling the largest Chum Salmon run in the southern Puget Sound to return to an even healthier spawning ground.

In order to continue expanding and improving on these important accomplishments, we have established the Second Century Fund which is dedicated to protecting and maintaining the Rhododendron Preserve well into the future.

Among the organizations that have been supported through our Community Grants Program, I would highlight the Mount Rainier Institute which brings Washington-state public school students to the Pack Forest in Eatonville, WA, for a 4-day outdoor educational experience. The Pacific Biodiversity Institute is the first recipient of the Paul Wiseman Conservation Education Grant and through a 6-week program, will help train college students to hit the ground running as they begin their working life and deal with government entities, NGOs, and other local, county, and state boards.

100% of your donation will support our worthy environmental programs.

The need to fund the Foundation’s work is great and on-going. We still have a long way to go for the Second Century Fund to achieve its goal of $500,000 in support of the Rhododendron Preserve, and there is far more damaged habitat that needs restoration.

The intricate relationships among people, the land, and salmon populations in the Puget Sound basin demonstrate the truth of scientific research on the connection between ecosystem health and our own well-being; we are all part of an intricate web of relationships in which you play an important part. Please consider joining others in maintaining and extending healthy habitat for all of us: salmon, people, frogs, birds and all of the other creatures that call this part of the world home.

You can make a real difference by giving one of the most important gifts a friend of the Pacific Northwest can give. Any contribution to Mountaineers Foundation, no matter how small, helps. And because our overhead expenses are covered by an endowment, 100% of your donation will support our worthy environmental programs. Please help.

Many Thanks,

Mindy Roberts
President, Mountaineers Foundation