Mountaineers Foundation: Natural Places, Sustainable Practices

Natural Places, Sustainable Practices


Benefactors are important humanitarian leaders and charitable patrons whose investments power our mission.

With our benefactors support, together, we accomplished important environmental work. We have:

  • Purchased a 60-acre conservation easement from Ueland Tree Farm
  • Protected riparian zones along Chico Creek and its tributaries
  • Supported 30+ deserving conservation education organizations working within the Salish Sea region through our Community Grants Program
  • Improved habitat within the Rhododendron Preserve
  • Improved critical spawning habitat for the largest Chum Salmon run in southern Puget Sound
  • Cleaned up the Hidden Valley Ranch, historically a Paschall Family homestead

100% of your donation will support our worthy environmental programs.

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To continue expanding on these accomplishments, we have established the Second Century Fund. It is dedicated to protecting and maintaining the Rhododendron Preserve well into the future. The need to fund the Foundation’s work is great and on-going. We still have a long way to go for the Second Century Fund to achieve its goal of $500,000, and there is far more damaged habitat that needs restoration.

The intricate relationships among people, the land, and salmon populations in the Puget Sound basin demonstrate the truth of scientific research on the connection between ecosystem health and our own well-being; we are all part of an intricate web of relationships in which you play an important part. Please consider joining our mission and extending healthy habitat for all of us: salmon, people, frogs, birds and all of the other creatures that call this part of the world home.

You can make a real difference. Become a friend of the Pacific Northwest by giving a charitable donation today. Any contribution to Mountaineers Foundation, no matter how small, helps. And because our overhead expenses are covered by an endowment, 100% of your donation will support our worthy environmental programs. Thank you for your investment.

Many Thanks,

Mindy Roberts
President, Mountaineers Foundation

Legacy Donors

Thank you for giving back to the future

The Mountaineers Foundation is honored to be remembered through legacy giving. Benefactors with the desire to support the future of our mission can donate through planned giving. Our donors are able to care for programs important to them beyond their lifetime.

The following are Legacy Donors who have made a lasting impact on our programs and community.

Patience L. PaschallMary Paschall Remey

Hunter Morrison

Coramac Hall Gavett

Sheri Fike

Dwight F. Crowder

Alice G. Morrison

Leo and Kathryn Gallagher

Frank Shaw

Patricia Malmo Bevan

John Stout

Victor Josendal

Olga W. Gull

Jesse and Sylvia Epstein

Charles D. Vail

Robert and Creta Pollock

Frances E. Wright

Sidney (Sam) Sato

Joseph M. Chybinski

Virgil Josendal

Charles L. Custer

Arthur and Alvhild WinderCecil E. Bailey

Stella Degenhardt

Albert Alleman

Robert McFann

Leonard Greenaway

Brunhilde Wislicenus

William Lahr

Jan Balut

Marie Wells

Ruth Itnner

Diane Altwein

Paul Wiseman

Bert Brown

Andrew Nelson

Evelyn MacDonald

Alexandra Pye

James F. Henriot

Richard Berner

Thomas E. Allen