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Natural Places, Sustainable Practices

Doing Business as Keta Legacy Foundation

We are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year! We are using this milestone to revise our organization’s name to better reflect our core values. Moving forward, we will be doing business as Keta Legacy Foundation.

We are developing a new website during this exciting transition. The site’s formal debut will be in the fall. Here is a sneak peek at our NEW HOMEPAGE.

Our new name honors our unique role in preserving critical keta salmon habitat to create a legacy of conservation. Keta is the Latin name for chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta). Every year these salmon hatch in the gravels of Lost and Wildcat Creeks within the Rhododendron Preserve. These streams connect the Preserve with Puget Sound, the greater Salish Sea, and the Pacific Ocean, where the salmon migrate to as young smolts. After several years, the adult salmon migrate back into the Salish Sea and eventually to Dyes Inlet and the Preserve’s watershed to spawn the next generation of salmon.

One of the Foundation’s long-term goals is to fully restore the habitat that these salmon need to survive. Therefore, we support the ecological and human communities of the Salish Sea region now and for generations into the future.